A Quiet Place puts Your Bass Speakers on Blast

If you’ve invested in a serious sound systems and theater seats with bass shakers, you should probably take advantage. Bass shaker seats immerse you in the movie-watching experience, not to mention add to the ubiquitous stomach flip at jump scares. But to take best advantage of those big base blowouts in climactic movie scenes, sci-fi thrillers are where it’s at. And a great one is the 2018 sci-fi thriller, A Quiet Place.

A Quiet Place tells the story of a family’s struggle to survive in world where super-predator aliens who are attracted to sound have obliterated civilization. Of the three, children, one is deaf. They have to perpetually find sustenance and medicine, but they can’t make a sound, lest they be taken (read: killed) by an alien. Sand paths and ASL help them quietly travel and communicate. 

As a result, this movie has almost dialogue; the score is the star of this film. And a big part of that is when it utilizes bass fries you can feel in your chest even without bass theater seats. Here’s our 5 favorite bass-heavy moments in A Quiet Place:

Warning: Spoilers

Best Bass-Heavy Moments in the Movie

5. (19:22) The kids knock over a lantern while playing a board game. The moment the glass breaks is the first loud sound since their little brother was taken.

4. (47:54) When the father sends his son off to light the emergency rocket, the camera and score follow him on his sprint through the corn field. The bass is written in as a panicked heartbeat.

3. (1:06:35) Little brother falls into the corn silo, and so do his sister and an alien. The bass here starts subtle and crescendos as the scene becomes more and more frantic.

2. (44:58) Was any moment more visceral than when the mom, waddling down the basement stairs whilst in labor, steps right on that exposed nail?

1. (54:50) The score for this part of the cornfield scene is flawless: panicked, desperate, suspense-filled, and full of bass fries.

One of the best movies for bass-lovers, A Quiet Place is best enjoyed in a home theater stacked with a great audiovisual system and theater seats with built-in bass.