5 Reasons to Consider a Projector for Your New Home Theater

So, you’re in the midst of designing and piecing together your home theater. You’ve narrowed it down and selected some stellar chairs for your entertainment room in your color of choice, and you may have even looked into some extra furniture and decor to help tie it all together and create the ultimate space for your viewing pleasure. All that’s left for your home theater is to choose a TV large enough to maximize your wall’s real estate, and, in turn, construct the space of your dreams—but, have you ever considered utilizing a projector instead? We’ve discussed the basics of projectors before, but here are 5 reasons to consider a projector in your entertainment room.

1. Projectors take advantage of your wall space.

Projectors have the ability to cast astoundingly large displays on your walls—depending on the make and model you get, some can put out images that are larger than a staggering 150”, making these the perfect complement to your new home theater seating. 

With your favorite movies’ displays taking up a vast amount of wall space, nearly any viewing angle will still guarantee you a great image that you can see clearly. With so many vantage points, why not play around with the layout of the room and your entertainment room seating? 

You could go for something as big and all-encompassing as a wraparound theater seating sectional to allow you and others to really choose your favorite viewing points. Or instead, you could space out your new theater chairs, allowing for room in-between for side tables for friends and family to set snacks and drinks on. Either way, you’re practically assured to get a good angle of your favorite movies and shows. So, sink into your seats, turn the lights off, and enjoy the immersion. Trying to decide which projector screen would work best with your walls? Take a look at our guide on some key characteristics to consider when looking for the best screens to pair with your projector.

2. Projectors are typically cheaper than TVs.

Projectors can display large images, but did you know they can do it at a fraction of the cost of a TV? A higher quality, HDR-capable projector worthy of your home theater could cost around half of what a TV of similar caliber and size costs. 

Saving that money on one of the higher-costing items in your home theater can give you some wiggle room in your budget for other things like theater seating. There are a multitude of options out there, and investing in seats that will last the test of time is worth the extra money. Leather theater seating will become more supple and contour to your body’s shape, making for some of the best seating out there. Theater seating with bass capabilities will give you a little extra rumble while you’re watching your movies and shows, and they’ll make you feel more immersed in the world you’re viewing. 

3. Projectors create less eye strain.

You’ve invested a ton of time and effort into planning your ideal home cinema—you’ve narrowed it down between recliners, sofas, and sectionals for your home theater seating, and everything is coming together and feeling cozy, as a room devoted to entertainment should. Why not amp up the cozy factor with a projector? 

The images projectors produce are less strenuous on the eyes and can be more comfortable to view than a TV. The image cast from a projector—the image you’re viewing—is reflected light from the projector itself, which causes less eyestrain than the direct light given off from a television. Couple this with the retro, pared down feel of a projector, and you’ve got the perfect space to relax in as you watch your favorite shows and movies.

4. Projectors take up minimal physical space.

When not mounted, TVs can take up considerable floor space—you’ll need some sort of media table or console to rest it on, accompanying speakers and sound bars, and other accessories. Projectors can easily be mounted to the ceiling, freeing up floor space, and their screens are retractable, which gives you more wall space to decorate around when not in use. 

Play around with your home theater furniture and see what feels right to you. Try small rows of theater chairs, or go for the grandiose and have a couple sectionals pressed together to create a cove of seating for your entertainment room. Add some vintage popcorn machines for a touch of retro movie theater charm. 

Don’t forget about that wall space, either. Think about ways to take advantage of it when your projector’s screen isn’t in use—a wall of light boxes housing your favorite movie posters could be a good way to start. With the space freed by using a projector, the sky is the limit… well, the room is the limit, but you catch our drift!

5. Projectors are great for gaming.

If gaming is a consideration in your home cinema setup, look no further than a projector. Gaming is all about the immersion into the world the developer has crafted, and with their massive displays, projectors can offer a more engaging gaming experience. With the right projector—4k and 120Hz are a good start—image quality can surpass that of a TV and create a smooth gaming experience without lag. 

With as much of an adrenaline-rush as some online gaming can be, it’s vital to have entertainment room chairs or seating that will give you the best comfort available. Consider reclining theater seats to allow you to really kick back while gaming—toss an extra pillow on there, and you’re set. Leather theater seats, especially once worn in a bit, are some of the comfiest out there. Kick back into those plush seats in your entertainment room, and let a projector transport you to new gaming heights. 

With all of their features and space-saving perks, why not try a projector instead of a TV and give your home theater the upgrade it deserves?