5 Easter Movies for an Egg-citing Easter

Christmas movies get all the hype. Next in line is Halloween movies and soon after that Valentines Day (hallmark we are looking at you). However, did you know that Easter movies are way more common than we are lead to believe and some of the Dreamworks best pictures have been created with the bunny-focused holiday in mind. These movies focus on the turning of seasons to spring and the happiness that comes instead of the usual religiously toned narratives.

So, if you are a mother of young ones eagerly awaiting their Easter Bunny surprise or simply getting yourself into the Hoppy-Holiday spirit; here are 5 flicks that will help you have a hoppin’ good Easter.

#1 - Peter Rabbit (2018) / Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2021)

Follow Peter Rabbit and his band of bunny friends through an adventure of a lifetime involving Mr.McGregor and his corporately employed Nephew.

Get pulled through the magical English countryside on this incredible tale of hijinks, community and garden robberies. Watch as Peter Rabbit restores peace to his local garden patch and the people who maintain it. 

In Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway watch Peter Rabbit expand his world past the boundaries of the Garden and meadow into the heart of London. Join him on his extravagant new adventure with new and old characters. 

Ice - Age: The Great Egg-scapade (2016)

Taking place 5 years after the fourth film and 4 months before the fifth film; join your favorite prehistoric pals for an unforgettable Easter special. Watch Manny, Ellie and the kids prepare their space for the very first Easter and its events while enjoying the surrounding spectacles around them. Accompany Sid as he takes care of a bundle of eggs that are not his and embark on a journey to prove his innocence in a plot to frame him for “stealing” the nest. 

This movie features the returning characters of Clint and Squint from Captain Gutts ship.

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (1971) Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (2005)

Though not an exclusively Easter themed movie; Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory has some major candy-day energy. This ever classic film focuses on the magical chocolatier and his extraordinary chocolate factory and the whimsical landscapes and fantastical characters within. Join Charlie Bucket and a group of kid strangers in a journey to a sweet-toothed-sanctuary to indulge in the savory delicacy of Willy Wonka Chocolate. 

If you are searching for a more modern and mystical take on the traditional film; checkout Tim Burtons 2005 remake of the masterpiece titled Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. The film takes a slightly different angle of following Charlie, an unknowing boy in a low-income family, who wins a Golden Ticket to visit the masterful Willy Wonka.

Easter Sunday (2022)

This chaotic Easter scene is for the adults or “of age” crowds of the Holiday. Produced and featuring Jo Koy, a famous comedian, the movie follows Joe Valencia as he goes home to his insane family dynamic and two feuding aunts. This ensues a whirlwind of events to unfold from merchandise trucks purchased with crime money to reconnecting with a first love.
If you have ever returned home after a long time away, this movie has everything you need to feel those “home for the holidays” vibes.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (2017)

In a comedic relief of a coming-of-self film, former child star Gavin Stone is now a washed-up, partied-out man. Struggling with his decisions from early adult hood, he is forced to return home. Upon his return to his holy religious hometown, He pretends to be a Christian so he can portray Jesus in an Easter play being produced by a megachurch in an attempt to redeem himself in his community and to his family. 

If you are trying to keep your little ones at bay from breaking into the garden too early to hunt for eggs or simply trying to snuggle up with some candy to enjoy the spring feeling; these Easter movies are sure to bring a basket full of egg-citement to your long weekend.