10 Valencia Theater Seating Styles & What Your Favorite Says About You

Match Your Personality to a Valencia Theater Seat – because why not!


These days, there is a personality quiz for everything. Whether it’s your favorite color, food, film genre, or preferred season, it all means something about you. Personal style and interior design are perhaps some of the more accurate depictions of what reflects your inner state. So what about the theater seating style you choose for your media room furniture?

Within Valencia’s catalog, certain styles of our home theater seating sell more often than others (like the original Tuscany, for example), perhaps suggesting certain characteristics are more common amongst Valencia’s home theater seating buyers.

You’re building your own home theater room; so we already know that you’re a go-getter. But what does every Valencia Theater Seating style say about its buyer? Specifically, what does your Valencia Theater Seating say about you? Think of this as your home theater seating horoscope:

1. The Tuscany & The Reliable Extrovert

Are you drawn to the reliable Tuscany model of home theater chairs? Do you have one sitting in the next room right now? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it is likely that you are warm, social, sensible, and dependable. The Tuscany is perhaps our most popular model of multimedia seating, simply because it is so classic, timeless, versatile, and dependable.  

As a lover of the Tuscany, you aren’t much into trends, but you do appreciate family, friends, and the time you get to spend with these special people. Your traditional values are strong, others can count on you to make practical decisions, and you stay calm in difficult situations. You are the rock of all of those around you, making you deserving of a rock of your own like the Tuscany.


2. The Tuscany Ultimate Luxury & The Future Billionaire

Are you willing to work a little harder or spend a little more to get the best? Do you have a taste for the finer things in life? Do you refuse to settle for less? These tendencies reflect your ambition, confidence, and determination, and make the Tuscany Ultimate Luxury the perfect theater seating choice for you! 

Just like this luxury, designer theater chair model, you are unafraid to make your opinion known thanks to your assertive nature and you are often told your personality is dominant. Your hard-working and clever demeanor is well rewarded with a throne like the Tuscany Ultimate Luxury.

3. The Bern & The Balanced Thinker

Somewhere between modern and sensible, The Bern home theater recliner’s classic design reflects the nature of its owner: deep thinking, serious, and individualistic. You likely believe that having class is a mindset that can be reflected in your decor and style. You see value in both traditional and modern styles and practices, contributing to your forward thinking, balanced, and ageless personality. 

You are also detail-oriented and observant, making the contrasting design of the Bern attractive in your eyes. You appreciate the little things, your patience is unparalleled, and you have wisdom beyond your years. This makes the Bern a great seat for you to quietly contemplate!


4. The Zurich & The Social Culturist

Are you into sleeker models with clean lines? The Zurich is likely your favorite model in the Valencia home theater seating catalog. Your appreciation for streamlined design provides a look into your friendly and spontaneous nature, which is especially true if you designed your Zurich movie seating in a bright color like red or white leather

Just like the Zurich media chair, you are modern and dynamic. You are a social animal with a strong interest in others and you enjoy learning about culture and history. This outward inclination and desire for harmony makes you a flexible person that others enjoy being around. The Zurich is a great chair to lounge in while you socialize with your friends!

5. The Oslo & The Easy-Going Leader

Some people opt for a more spacious, classic chair like Valencia’s Oslo theater seat. Oslo-lovers are the outgoing type, with an easy-going, down-to-earth nature that prioritizes comfort and sociability. As much as Oslo owners and admirers have a relaxed approach, they are natural leaders, paving their own paths and creating an example with their smart choices. 

The Oslo individual’s intelligence and wit lead them to success in all that they do, whilst staying grounded and true to themselves. The Oslo well reflects this inner state; it’s a luxurious multimedia recliner, but it’s accessible; larger than life but also cozy.


6. The Verona & The Enlightened Expresser

Is the Verona with its plush appearance and hints of post-modern style more to your taste? This Valencia home theater seating model’s clean lines and smooth texture make design accents like chrome cup holders or two tone leather piping subtle yet striking. This multimedia recliner knows exactly who it is, and preference for it reflects your idealistic ways of thinking. 

You are likely someone who pays attention to current events and you consider yourself to be progressive. You are very expressive, always standing up for what you believe in. Though you are outspoken, you are humble and always willing to listen and learn. With so much passion, putting your feet up in the Verona movie chair at the end of the day is just what you need!

7. The Tuscany Console & The Curious Logician

The Tuscany Console attracts scientific thinkers, and it’s no wonder why! The Console is popular amongst those looking for practical furniture. This solution-orientation is an indication of the problem-solving nature of Console fans. What about it says so? The Tuscany Console is a home theater loveseat, row of 3, and row of 2 with storage in between – whatever you want it to be. It’s a problem solver, just like you.

If you yourself own the Tuscany Console, you are intelligent, logical, and naturally curious. You enjoy exploring new ideas, learning about how things work, and are always up for a challenge. You also question the logistics of the world around you and are always up for a debate. Because of your natural curiosity, perceptiveness, and determination to find practical resolutions, the Tuscany Console theater-style loveseat is the no-brainer choice for you – it’s a couch with added functionality!


8. The Venice & The Organized Pragmatist

As a lover of the Venice, you like to keep your life and belongings organized and streamlined. This makes the Venice attractive to you because of its minimalist cushioning. You are someone who is very pragmatic and analytical, and you like to think through situations. This reflects your “Type A”, yet calm personality. 

Your home likely has a place for everything and everything in its place, as you feel a tidy and clean environment is essential to your wellbeing and productivity. You are drawn more to facts than abstract ideas and your defined ways of being and habits show you have a strong sense of self. The Venice home theater seating, with its solid, simplified design makes this recliner the best way to unwind after your organized and productive day.

9. Syracuse & The Adventuring Creative

Do you admire the beauty in simplicity? Then the Syracuse is likely the chair that catches your eye in Valencia’s collection. Though the design of the Syracuse is understated, your personality is anything but. In fact, the paired-down look of this luxury leather theater chair is the perfect canvas to get creative with your media room furniture design, like bright red leather seats with LED-lit cup holders. 

You are someone who is bold, versatile, and adventurous. Others can always count on you to take risks, live life to the fullest, and prioritize enjoyment. Your mind works in creative ways, coming up with solutions easily and new ideas innovatively. You may even have some artistic skills. You prefer to work with your hands and you enjoy application more than theory. With your good taste, joie de vivre, and developed sense of self, the Syracuse is the theater seat for you!


10. The Vegan Leather Oslo or Tuscany & The Peaceful Idealist

The material preference of Valencia’s models also reveals some personality traits. In the case of vegan leather, admirers of this faux-leather are idealistic and empathetic. Looking for green, animal-friendly solutions indicates that you are someone who is an optimist, with an imaginative and rich inner world. Though perhaps not always indicative of reality, your positivity and hopefulness make you a relaxed and happy person who is always willing to help others in whatever way you can. 

Others may argue that your visions of what the world could be will never come true, however, you are determined and you don’t sit idly by. In fact, you take action in whatever way you can to add to the betterment of society, including buying Vegan Leather Theater Seating from Valencia. With your considerate personality, you deserve to take some time for yourself and lounge in a Vegan Leather Tuscany or Oslo.

What Does Your Valencia Home Theater Furniture Say About You?

It’s funny how something as simple as an entertainment room couch or recliner can tell people something about your personality. But it makes sense, right? After all, your home is a reflection of you; naturally, the seating choices for your home theater room are a part of that. So whether you’re the chill leader lounging in an Oslo recliner, or the creative adventurer gaming in the Valencia Syracuse, whatever your personality or the personality of your home media room, Valencia Theater Seating can help you express it.