What are examples of home theater seat accessories?

Every chair from Valencia Theater Seating comes with an accessory port; but what exactly does the accessory port do? The accessory port is able to hold different accessories that give your new home theater chair extra convenience features, making your movie experience that much more comfortable. There are 3 home theater chair accessories that you can buy for any piece of home theater furniture we offer, all of which are removable and can be placed in your chair’s arm storage whenever you desire.

Tablet Holder

Want to keep an eye on the game and other scores while you’re watching something with the fam? Need to get a bit of work in but want to also hang out with the kids? Or maybe you’re waiting on a skype call and would prefer to pass the time sprawled out in a home theater recliner instead of on the couch. All our media room furniture is constructed to be compatible with our tablet holder, as well as our other home theater seat accessories, so you can upgrade any home theatre chair with one (or more!).

Tray Table

Watching a movie while trying to eat dinner can be a struggle. And nowadays, more family dinners than ever are eaten around the TV. It’s a way to make dinner into quality time together, because we’re all so busy, even the kids. With Valencia’s tray table accessory for home theater seats, juggling your dinner is no longer a problem. You can eat anything from popcorn to beef wellington while still being able to enjoy movies. The tray table has a slick carbon fiber finish, and it can rotate. If you like to enjoy eating food while watching movies, the tray table is a must buy for your theater seat.

(Wine) Glass Caddy

Nothing is better than watching a movie with a glass of fine wine. But placing a wine glass in a standard cup holder is not a fun endeavor. The last thing you want when settling into your luxury leather theater seating after a long day is for your wine to spill all over that brand new leather and stain it. But with the glass caddy accessory, drinking wine while watching a movie is no longer a balancing act. The glass caddy attachment holds your wine glass at the bottom of the bowl, ensuring that your wine glass is as secure as possible.

Ultimately, getting accessories for your home theater chair makes everything much more convenient and helps increase your comfort while enjoying a wonderful movie. Because why else do we have media rooms if not to make our movie-watching experience even better than if we had left the house?