What are short throw projectors?

Most projectors work in a similar manner: You place them away from the screen and let them project the image onto the screen from a distance. These projectors are incredibly effective but they have some draw backs. For example you need to have the space for them to be placed far enough back. The worst thing about these type of projectors is when someone walks in front of them. All of a sudden the screen just becomes shadows! If these reasons have been preventing you from getting a projector, guess what? There is an alternative projector which can be placed super close to the screen to the screen preventing people from walking in front of it. It is called an short throw projector. This article is here in order to help you understand what a short throw projector is and how they work.

What Are They?

Throw distance is commonly used term when it comes to projectors. It refers to the distance between the screen and the projector. Most projects have a long (also refereed to as standard) throw distance, which means there is substantial space between the projector and the screen. But with short throw and ultra short throw projectors, the distance between the screen is much smaller. This is due to how the projectors operate which will be explained in the next paragraph. The main take away from this paragraph is that short throw projectors allow you to place your projector much closer to the screen when compared to a regular projector.

How They Work

The main difference with short throw projectors is their lens. Their lens allows them to display a massive image in a short distance. For example a short throw projector’s lens allows it to display a crystal clear 100″ image with a throw distance of 4-5 feet, and ultra short throw projectors only need a throw distance of 2 feet or less! Thus, the lens of the projector is what allows it to be placed so close to the screen.

What Type of Screen?

One thing you need to consider when using a ultra short throw projector is that it projects at an upward angle because it is so close to the screen. Most screens are designed to take projection from a standard projector which shines on the screen at a more straight angle. Because of this, your current screen may cause some of your projection quality to be lost. The solution? Get a screen that is made for this type of projector! The Aurora 8K Ultra Short Throw NanoEdge Screen is designed to be used with a ultra short throw projector. It is designed with slanted nano-lenses technology that allows the projection to be perfectly reflected to the viewer without any quality loss. If you plan on investing in an ultra short throw projector, you should also look into getting a screen that will retain all the projectors quality.

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