Sports Fans Deserve Home Theaters

Move over movie lovers, home cinemas are for the sports fanatics too!

Since the pandemic struck, the desire for home theaters has surged. With fewer people able to go to the cinema, more and more people were missing the big screen. It is no surprise, then, that the home theater seating industry grew. More people have sought to achieve the movie-going experience from the comfort of their own home, purchasing projectorshome theater seating, and creating multimedia rooms. But what about the sports fans?

During the pandemic, sports fans couldn’t attend stadium games, head to sports bars, or get together with friends around a flat screen on game day. Sports fans have missed out on just as much as the movie-lovers, which is why they deserve a home theater of their own! A way-upscale man cave, if you will.

That’s right. Home cinemas aren’t just for the movie buffs. With baseball season started, hockey playoffs underway, and the European Championship and football season quickly approaching, here are five reasons every sports fan needs a home theater:


1. Projectors are Your Personal Jumbotron

You don’t want to miss a single detail of the game, and a projector will make sure you don’t. Home theaters ensure sports aficionados witness the blood, sweat, and tears that truly represent the beauty of sport. Explore some of the best projectors out there, and fill the room with leather media recliners, stadium-style elevated rows of seating, or an entertainment room couch.

2. Recline and Dine, while the Athletes Do the Work

As much as sports games are fun, the seats in sports auditoriums leave much to be desired. Honestly, they usually hurt and/or are gross. Valencia’s variety of ergonomic theater chairs and loveseats, measurable by our comfort index, will allow you to sit back, relax, and feel the support that only luxury theater seating can provide. Let your favorite athletes do all the work and cheer them on from the comfort of a classic quilted black leather multimedia recliner. Or go full-on sports theme with the whole room and choose two tone leather theater seating in traditional red and black, or to match your favorite team’s colors.


3. New and Improved Game Day Gatherings

Remember the days when all the guys could gather for the game in the comfort of your living room? How nice was it to see your friends and cheer on your favorite team together? Imagine that same experience, but in your new home cinema. Your beer fridge in arms reach, best friends gathered round, and nothing else to distract you from the game except some top notch game day food! 

A dedicated home theater will make you the envy of all your friends, while enticing them to come over, relax, and enjoy games with you week after week. Consider adding a wet bar to the room and maybe a table top game or two, if you’ve got space. Like we said, tech, seating and all – take the man cave up a notch.

4. Cupholders. Need We Say More?

It’s always a great feeling when you’re at the game and you get back to your seat with a full beer; that is until you set it down and someone kicks it over. Let game-time spillage be a thing of the past! Home theater recliners from Valencia ensure that not one drop of beer will be wasted with LED built-in cup holders that are the envy of stadium seats. Or if you want to get fancy, add accessories like wine caddies to your media room recliners; you’ll be glad you did.

5. Immerse Yourself in the Game from Home

As much as the whole world missed going out, we also all became accustomed to the comfort of our own homes. With a home theater, you can bring the magic of the big game into your house, without the crowds or the $12 beers. Experience the best sound, big picture visuals, and the rush of competition under your own roof, all while doing it in style and comfort!

Be prepared for big games with home theater seating that every sports fanatic deserves. Shop Valencia’s line of home theater seating today and treat yourself to that big game feeling from the comfort of your own home theater or living room!