5 Creative Seating Solutions for a Media Room with Multiple Uses

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to make a home theater that’s solely dedicated to home theater uses. In an ideal world, we’d all have an extra room or two in the house we could do whatever we want with, but it’s just not always the case. The good news is, stadium-style, elevated rows of theater seating isn’t your only option if you want luxury, tricked-out, leather multimedia furniture. With customizable options, you can find a solution to your seating layout in any type of multi-use media room.

5. Elevated Back Rows of Stadium-Style Seating

Have a strange nook in your movie room? Or maybe (read: ideally) it’s pretty big and you’d actually like some visual separation of spaces. Consider a theater space at one end of the room, where you can place some elevated rows of 2 or 3 seat home theater recliners. You still get a little dedicated movie theater space, but it leaves room for a more family-hang-out style space or things like a wet bar and pub setup, table games…

4. Living Room Layout, Home Theater Feel

Speaking of a hangout space, we get the room you’re working with is likely limited on space, but has to do double duty. If your movie room is more of a family room, or where your teens hang out when friends come over, it’s not realistic to install risers in your home theater and do rows of stadium steading. 

Design your ideal seating layout with a virtual 3D build module that lets you see what your new media room furniture would look like. Try some multimedia couches, still with all the cool features and powered reclining of traditional home theater chairs. It’s the best of both worlds.

3. Riser Platforms & Sectional Sofas

This is one of our favorite ideas for a media room seating layout, because it’s versatile, unique, and it looks upscale. You can place one curved row of 3, 4 or 5 seat theater-style chairs facing the projector screen. Behind it, you install an elevated theater riser platform and set up theater-style entertainment room couches, or a sectional and 2 recliners, or maybe two loveseats and a coffee table.

 This seating layout is great for any type of home – for those without children who love designer spaces, it brings an elevated look to the home theater and its seating. For those with 3 kids under 5 and more than a couple cats, it gives squirmy kids the option of comfy couches that are advantageously behind any older kids or adults trying to watch the movie.

2. Different Designs for Different Spaces

Another important aspect of any media room’s seating layout is the design of the furniture. You have choices between full-grain leathers in 17 colors, as well as fabrics like microfiber and velour, available in even more colors. When you consider options for two tone leather color blocking, or contrast piping and embroidery, you can personalize the upholstery of the seating to any style. 

And the model(s) of home theater chairs you choose is important as well. Do you match all the furniture pieces together? Or choose pieces that complement each other, for instance, grey theater style couches flanked by 2 white leather media chairs, all set around a coffee table. This is where your options really proliferate when you’re trying to form ideas for your media room seating design and layout.

1. Media Room Furniture with Theater Seating Features

The last thing you’ve got to nail down when you’re brainstorming the furniture pieces and setup for your home theater/media room/family room is the features you want in the furniture, and which pieces need which home theater accessories. This is another place you can really play around with design.

Don’t Forget to Pack in the Features with Your Media Room Seating

What kind of features can you add into your media room furniture? So much stuff, honestly. Things like:

  • LED 7-color ambient lighting with memory control
  • Two tone leather and stitching options
  • Embroidery and perforated leather options
  • Powered lumbar control
  • Designer accent options like brushed metal cup holders and solid oak arms
  • Bass shaker seats
  • Options to curve a row of chairs

And then there’s always the accessories for home theater seats, like:

  • Wine caddies
  • Tablet holders
  • Tray tables

Consider one, some, or all of these amenities. And maybe different seats should have different features – you might want a movie-style loveseat with a dropdown console if your setup is all facing the projector screen. Or maybe you want LED underfoot lighting on any rows of seating but not the multimedia sectional or couch. One thing’s for sure – just because your furniture is going to be multi-use doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add all the bells and whistles you’d expect on the best home theater furniture.