When creating the ultimate home theater room setup, there are ways to go about it to utilize the room best. Gone are the days of setting a couple of recliners in front of the TV, and that’s that. Now that we are spending a large portion of our time in front of our favourite streaming channels, we find ourselves wanting to up our game in making our home theater room a focal point in our homes. Simply, when you spend a lot of time in a particular room, you want it to look nice!

Everyone has different taste, naturally. But there are a few pointers I will lay out for you in this article to have the best home theater experience. 


Best Paint Color for Home Theater Room 


The darker the better. Surely this is a known tip, but I would also like to add that it is best to go with an eggshell finish to eliminate any possibility of a glare. The color is a personal preference, but we do highly recommend going the darkest you can go. 


Best Room Shape for Home Theater Room


Ideally you would like to have a rectangular room. This is best to optimize sound acoustics for your home theater room. Tip: when constructing your room, we suggest you double up on drywall. This will allow you to add more soundproofing to this dedicated room. 


Best Flooring for Home Theater Room


Ideally you want to have a carpeted floor because it will contribute to sound absorption. Of course if you have hardwood flooring, and that is your preference, simply lay down an eye-catching area rug. This allows you to have some sound absorption, while adding an aesthetic to the room. 


Best Home Theater Chairs


With 17 different models, Valencia Theater Seating has a style for everyone’s taste. Take a look at our collection of theater seats here. Our most popular chair is the Tuscany, but if you have a unique design flair, we also have the Zurich – think mid century modern meets man cave. 


So there you have it! Simple and useful tips and tricks on how to decorate a home theater room. So grab your paintbrush and get to it! We promise you won’t go back to watching your favorite films in the living room.